Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nummyz Cheats for Her Game

All the cheatcodes for the games are here in this page! These dating sims are from and belong to If the cheatcodes are wrong, sorry! They should be right though :)
Dating Sim One: Love dating sim My Cup of tea: cheatcode is tdh
Love Dating Sim 2 Ari's Story:
Fantom—Go to the forest four or five times and pick the second option (“Your sadness intrigues me”) to be able to talk to him again. When he disappears, you need to talk to Jenna enough times to make her your friend before asking her for a spell to free Fantom. Keep on talking to him until he begins talking about spending time in parks and give him a gag gift. Sleep until you have at least 60 HP, put on makeup, and date him. Repeat enough times and you should get the magical ending.
Kent—For some reason, you can’t give him presents, so don’t bother with that. Pick the “funny” choices when you’re talking to him. Don’t forget that you need at least 50 HP and makeup on to date him!
Tia—Pick the “serious” choices when talking to her. Her favorite gift is ties (?), give
her at least two. And yes, 50 HP and makeup is needed to date! Liam—He likes ties, so shower him with them. Again, 50 HP + makeup = date.
Mike—Work your tail off until you have enough money to buy him a laptop. From then on, it should be pretty easy.
Oh yes, and you’ll need to buy the bikinis before the characters at the beach will talk to you. ;-)
For Garrick to shut up, the riddles are: repeat after me, cornerstone, down
For Cheatcodes: Sharp : for more hp
Musda : to skip to 49 days.
Love Dating Sim 2 Garrick's Story:
Popstar: kit, emi, daniels

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